Lewis Interview with CBAC Funding

microphoneMichael R. Lewis is a man of many accomplishments. He has led a colorful life which has seen him party with rock stars, play Black Jack in Vegas, trade on the floor of the NYSE, travel around the world, and make and lose millions of dollars in business. Each time he has emerged stronger and continued realizing his dreams. Somewhere along the way he began to start channeling his vast knowledge and considerable experience into consulting and writing.
We asked him about a host of things, from material success and handling finances to what has influenced him the most, and he responded in a heartfelt and philosophical manner. His openness has made for a delightful read.
Budding entrepreneurs or those struggling with balancing their personal life and career ambitions will love this. And so will those who just like to wonder about the nature of success, life, and why people do what they do. In short, there’s something for everybody here, if you have an eye for the things that really matter.

Interview with Michael

What excites you the most about the world of business?
While I enjoy the business of business, its most intriguing quality and challenge is the requirement to continuously improve, to be a little smarter, work a little harder, and be a little better every day. In the world of business, success and failure are moving targets. A good businessperson has to be smart, flexible, willing to work hard, and a leader; a great businessperson has those same qualities plus the ability to see and articulate a vision that inspires and motivates those around him.

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