An Unsung Hero: Coming of Age in the Dust Bowl

This book by William Forsythe is based on a true story and the first in a series chronicling the life of a member of the Greatest Generation. It is the story of a young boy growing up in Childress, Texas before paved roads, electric lights, and radio. It was the Age of Innocence when locks on front doors were unnecessary, neighbors visited neighbors by nightly strolls through the neighborhood, and young boys carried pocketknives for whittling.

The Eden of West Texas was destroyed by the Great Depression and buried in the Dust Bowl; Jimmy Ray was diagnosed with fatal tuberculosis and spent a year in a sanatorium in San Angelo, Texas. Surprisingly, he was drafted and fought with the Timberwolves – 104th Infantry Division – in World War II. Was his cure a miracle, a misdiagnosis, or a sign of his destiny to come? Despite the hardships experienced during the 1930s, Jimmy Ray’s tale is one of resilience, tenacity, and hope that will bring tears to your eyes and memories of a past not so long ago.

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