No Greatness Without Goodness

No Greatness Without GoodnessMy brother, Randy Lewis, bet his career that he could create an inclusive workplace at one of America’s biggest corporations where people with disabilities could not just succeed, but thrive. “No Greatness without Goodness” is the powerful story of a corporate executive who, after watching the world through the eyes of his own child with autism, Austin, realized that we all have a greater responsibility to make the world a better place for everyone, including those with disabilities.

As the Senior Vice President of Walgreens, Randy created thousands of full-time jobs for people with disabilities. “No Greatness without Goodness” offers a firsthand account of what it takes to lead with courage in order to change people’s lives for the better. Randy’s motto is “What’s the use of having power if you don’t use it to do good.” In this book, you’ll learn how to start working for good no matter where you are or how much power you hold. Buy the Book and become and join us on NOGWOG.

A couple of reviews on Amazon from readers

“If there is one book you need to read this year, this is it. No Greatness Without Goodness is life changing, inspiring, and beautiful. It will make you think, help you view people in a different and very beautiful way and perhaps even make you cry. It will definitely make you cheer!” — Lori Drake, Rogers, AR

“At a time in our lives when gloom and doom seem to dominate, a story like “No Greatness Without Goodness” surfaces that makes you smile, and restores your faith in mankind. Randy Lewis takes the heart-breaking news that his son has debilitating Autism, and turns it into a triumphant victory for hundreds of handicapped individuals who could never have expected to live normal lives. This book is a “must read” for everyone who has ever thought that ONE person cannot change the world for the better.” —Adrian Walker, Temple, TX

Randy Speaking about the Program in 2011

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