Lesson Three Points to Ponder

What are the implications of regarding Paul as the “founder” of Christianity rather than Jesus? (Colonel Parker vs Elvis Presley) See N.T, Wright’s “Jesus and Paul: Different Gospels.”

How did Paul’s Missions compare to the other Apostles? Are Christians called today to exhibit similar zeal and willingness to undertake missionary journeys?

Discuss concepts such as justification by faith, grace, the role of the law, and the unity of the church, as articulated in Paul’s letters.

What basis can be found in Paul’s letters for the contemporary perception of him as authoritarian, sexist, and anti-Semitic?

what is the connection between experience and expectation? The question is posed because of other experiences in the churches: 1. If they are part of a new creation, why do the powers of the world still dominate? 2. If they have conquered death, why do members of the community die?

Church struggles to realize this egalitarian ideal -Galatians 3:28: “There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”  as it engages the resistance of cultural realities.

What does the gap between powerful religious experience and consistent norms for behavior suggest about the nature of early Christianity?