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Opening new markets beyond your borders is an exciting opportunity. A successful launch can

  • Expand your customer base. The number of potential customers beyond your domestic markets is staggering. For every one of your current customers, potentially hundreds more live beyond your country.
  • Increase revenues and profits. More customers add new revenues and profits to your existing revenue base.
  • Diversify the risk of serving a single market. National economies are subject to natural, economic, and political disasters. Operating in more than a single market spreads the risk of a devastating loss in your home country.
  • Open new sources of talent. Talent is not limited to a single country. Technology and your business presence in foreign markets expand the talent pool.
  • Gain a competitive advantage. While your competitors sit on the sidelines, you gain the first-mover advantage in the new market and access to new technologies and systems that can significantly improve your domestic operations.

Foreign markets are lucrative but complicated

Selling internationally is a big challenge, but if you are willing to invest the time and money, there are plenty of resources to make it happen.
EXACTT GLOBAL PARTNERS can help you navigate multiple services,  programs, and issues to develop the optimum export strategy.

Research is critical before making decisions about entering into new markets.

Expansion into a foreign market requires answers to critical questions that include

  • Which country provides the greatest opportunity with the least cost?
  • Will my existing products attract customers in my selected market?
  • What competitors will my company face in the new market?
  • How will I be affected by new rules and regulations?
  • What is the best expansion strategy in the new market?
  • Who can I trust?

EXACTT GLOBAL PARTNERS specializing in helping small and medium-sized companies in the Middle East and Africa expand sales and operations in foreign countries

Tell us about your Project

We specialize in helping companies in Africa and the Middle East expand internationally through personal contact and critical on-site advice. Our advice includes matters of strategy, finance, management, innovation, and digital transformation. Our clients include the power, energy, oil, mining, and telecommunications industries and the public sector.

We are available to discuss your project at any time without cost or obligation. We ask only that you provide certain non-confidential information to us to understand the project scope, objective, and targeted country.

About Exactt Global Partners

Exactt Global Partners maintains a team of domestic and foreign consultants with verified technical and international experience. They assist organizations from the initial research stage to establishing the business.  

Our network partners are chosen for their high degree of professionalism and client satisfaction. They are in most countries and include chartered accountants,  lawyers, freight forwarders, real estate firms, recruitment agencies, insurance brokers, and language translators. Our financial partners include banks, leasing companies, investment funds, and venture capital investment companies.