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Mike Sr and Frannie

The Author and Friend

I’ve worn many titles over the years including “Go-fer” and “Boss”. I’ve learned something from every job I’ve ever had, every foreign country I’ve visited, and every mistake I’ve made.
Mark Twain once wrote that “A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way.” I’ve carried more than my share of cats by the tail and I hope to help you avoid a similar outcome by sharing those experiences on this website and in my writings. My advice and the information you find here will be interesting as well as helpful in your own journey as an entrepreneur, small business owner, business executive, or spouse and parent.

About Me

If you are interested in more of my background and philosophy, About Me is the section you will want to visit. For more detailed information about the positions I’ve held and the industries in which I’ve worked, you can visit my LinkedIn profile. You’ll also find another listing of my published articles.

My 2¢ Worth

In addition to information and advice, I also write biographical and fictional short stories as well as opinion pieces that are only available on this website. This section will include those pieces and instructions on how you can download them or purchase them through Amazon. Don’t overlook this section – I’ve found my experiences are often shared so it may give you a different perspective on your own life.

Lew’s Clues

This section contains an ever-growing list of the informational and How-to articles I’ve written which have been published on websites ranging from Forbes to the Huffington Post. I’m a regular contributor to sites like Answers, National Mortgage Professional, and Law360 on a variety of different subjects. You can find any articles that might interest you by doing a “Search” on one of the Categories listed on the right side of the Life Lessons page.


The acronym NOGWOG stands for “No Greatness Without Goodness“, the title of a book recently released by Tyndale House Publishers and authored by my brother. Randy, as a Senior Vice President of Walgreens, changed the culture and is leading a movement to inspire other Fortune 500 companies to hire the disabled. Check it out and do some good yourself.

Books I Recommend

If you are like me, you like to read. Here are some of the better, more interesting books I’ve read this year. I’ll add more throughout the year so stay in touch. I’ve also got a sub-section on Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) that are available free from the world’s greatest Universities. I’m a regular participant and I’ll give you my opinion of the courses I take.