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The Royal Canadian Mint’s Gold Polar Bear and Cub coin is especially appealing to gold collectors due to its outstanding beauty.  The Mint honors the world’s largest living bear species with the issuance of Canadian Gold Polar Bear and Cub coin.

2105 1/4 Oz $10 Canadian Gold Polar Bear and Cub Coin (BU)


The reverse side of the Gold Polar Bear and Cub coin pictures a Mother Polar Bear and cub traversing the frozen tundra of Canada’s arctic region. Engravings identify the nation of issue, the purity of the coin, and its metal content and weight.

cub face

The obverse side of the Canadian Gold Polar Bear and Cub coin is the right-profile view of Queen Elizabeth II with the Monarch’s name and the face value of the coin. Artist Susanna Blunt created the portrait in 2003.

The Polar Bear is the largest natural predator living on the North American continent, primarily in the vast Canadian Arctic.  “Ursus maritimus” – sea bear –  is the king of all he surveys, a position recognized by his prominence on the Gold Polar Bear and Cub coin.  Distinct for their beautiful white coats, enormous power, and endurance (a polar bear can swim more than 400 miles!), the animals can slow their metabolism, living off accumulated fat, during lean times.

polar bear and club

Mother Polar Bear and Cub 

Polar bear mothers are especially protective of their cubs.  While adults can weigh up to 1000 pound and stand more than 10 feet tall, they weigh less than 2 pounds at birth, cannot see or hear, and are covered with fine white hair.

Polar Bear cubs typically enter the world with a twin and stay with their mothers until they are about thirty months old. Cubs are utterly dependent on their mothers until she teaches them how to hunt the seals that constitute 70% of their diets.  Their maternal care has been captured on the reverse side of the Gold Polar Bear and Cub coin


Specs Polar Bear and Club
Specs Polar Bear and Club
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