Blogger Collaboration

By August 1 or earlier, I will collect and compile up to 25 articles/blogs in a book to be published as eBooks, in paperback and available through Kindle. THE ATTACHED COVER IS JUST A SAMPLE. I will use professionals for cover design and publicity. Bloggers who are interested in participating should forward their articles to me as soon as possible to be included. The following guidelines will apply:


Each article should be titled “My Best Financial Advice”. Do not combine topics. Do not include more than three items or there is likely to be too much overlap. Be creative – advice like “Diversify” or “Start Early” is commonly understood by readers. You will need a new perspective to make the article interesting. On the other hand, articles that recommend for or against “Gold”, “Fine Arts”, or “Commodities” are likely to be of interest.
Consider re-circulating one of your previous blogs if it meets the minimum word count. If you use a previously published article, update it to reflect today’s environment.


Between 800 and 2000 words. It would have to be exceptionally interesting and well-written to exceed this limit.


I would prefer text or Microsoft Word. I will be converting to HTML for publishing.

Pictures or Illustrations

Please attach as file if they are critical to your article. All pictures should be .jpg and 300 dps. It is difficult to include pictures in eBooks due to different formats. Paperback will have pictures, but B&W only.


Contributors should have a copyright on their material and the right to allow its use on a non-exclusive basis. You will be required to sign a permission form stating your ownership of the article and your permission for me to reprint the article in the book. I will show your copyright on each article for further protection of your rights. For those who are interested, I will also publish two articles per week on my own blog, giving you full credit and a link to your own blog.


There will be a general disclaimer in the book making contributors responsible for their own content and comments. If you will need a disclaimer for your material specifically, I will be happy to include it if advised prior to publication of the ebook. While you should not make recommendations of specific investments in stocks, mutual funds, or proprietary insurance products, you can use such for examples as long as they are clearly labeled as such.

Costs or Fees

Contributors of articles are not and will not be responsible for the payment of any costs or fees for the preparation or publication of the book. I will provide five (5) free paperbacks to each contributor and one free download of the Kindle version. If you want additional copies of the paperback, I will provide them at my cost plus delivery/mail at your option.

Royalties or Other Payments

Contributors will not receive, nor be entitled to receive any compensation for the inclusion of their article in the published book. Contributors will not own any rights to the published book.

Pricing of eBooks and Paperbacks

The retail price of the book will be set solely at the discretion of Michael R. Lewis and Red River Press of Texas. It is anticipated that the retail price will not exceed $2.99 for the eBook and may, at times, be given away free as promotional item to encourage additional sales of it or other titles. The editor, Michael R Lewis, intends to enroll the book in KDP Select initially which may limit sales to other retail outlets.

Contributor Biographies

Contributors may submit personal biographies up to 400 words with links directly to their internet blogs (one link per contributor). For paperback copies, contributors will be encouraged, but not required to provide a single headshot to be included in their biography.