No Greatness without Goodness

No Greatness Without GoodnessOne of my favorite books is by one of my favorite authors, my brother Randy Lewis. This book is the story of Randy and his wife, Kay, as they struggle to accept and cope with their only son Austin. At two years old, Austin was diagnosed with autism, characterized by difficulties in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication difficulties, and repetitive behavior. Over the next twenty years, they experienced heartbreaks, guilt, and worry interspersed with incredible joys as Austin proved over and over again that he was a special child.

The Need

Along the way, they learned that every person is different, all of us are broken, and that everyone has gifts and talents to offer to the world. With Austin’s help, they learned to be more accepting, more inclusive, and more understanding that those who appear different physically, emotionally, and/or psychologically are not so different as the rest of us.

The Response

Knowing that people like Austin just want a chance, Randy persuaded, cajoled, and induced his employer Walgreens, a Fortune 50 company, to invest in a revolutionary program to hire disabled people, paying them the same wages and the same benefits as their able-bodied counterparts and expecting the same production. Randy knew that the disabled didn’t need charity, but a real job. This book is the story of the Walgreens experience that continues today.
Read this book and you will be changed. It’s funny, uplifting, challenging, and, most of all, a good story where everyone wins.
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