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While most of the articles I write are intended to be informational or provide How-to instructions, I also write other types of materials ranging from opinion pieces, short stories, essays, non-fiction and fiction. Some of the pieces are only available on this website while others can be downloaded or purchased from Amazon as an ebook, audiobook or in paperback.
This section of the website will constantly expand as I develop more time to my own writing and interests and less to providing commercial content for others. I hope you will return again and again to view the new additions described herein.

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Available Writings Now

The Storm is a short biographical piece about the consequences of growing up with a mentally ill parent. At the same time, it is a tale of love,forgiveness, and learning that people do the best that can with what life has given them. There is no love as deep as a parent for a child and no hurt as sharp as rejection by a parent of a child. “The Storm” is available through Amazon.
Mechanics of Personal Change, available on the website, is an extensive article regarding the process by which a person can begin to change their life for the better, to find personal happiness and satisfaction. The material includes such topics as “How We Think“, “The Importance of Personality“, and “Pseudofacts, Misperceptions, & Illusions“. I hope you enjoy it.