Mechanics of Personal Change

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Man seems to have an insatiable desire for constant improvement, to master his environment and control his future. Happiness and satisfaction with one’s condition is fleeting, so each of us continuously adapts to new conditions, adjusts to altered circumstances, and continually remakes ourselves to accomplish our goals, what ever they may be. Change is ever present as is the our need to accommodate new requirements in our personalities, skills, and abilities.
Our Minds – the intangible psyche of our beings – is eour greatest tool to reach our goals and understand when victory is won, but also our greatest impediment to success. By understanding the limitations and possibilities of our Mind, we can consciously seek and achieve personal happiness and satisfaction.
Click on each of the following questions to get a better understanding of how the Mind works:

How Do We Think?


Does attitude matter?


Can a Zebra change its stripes?


Do we have Free Choice?


How do Temperament and Personality differ?


Is Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem important?


How do emotions affect us?


What Does It Mean to Be Happy?


Is Money the Key to Happiness?


How do we remember?


Are memories true?


How do we make decisions?