Frequently Asked Questions for “Secrets”

If you are interested and thinking about participating in the book, you will probably have some questions. I’ve tried to anticipate some questions with the following answers;

I’m not an accomplished writer, but I have an interesting story. Are you still interested?

I don’t expect Hemingway or Louisa May Alcott to be writing, so expertise is not a requirement provided that you are open to editing. If you have a good story, it will be worth including in the compilation. I’m more interested in content than format or form.

What are the subjects of greatest interest?

Anything about life that might resonate with others. I can imagine stories about the reality of married life versus what was expected, raising children, working at a job, getting older, or relationships between people. Subjects such as sexual exploits, fantasies, or material of that sort are not appropriate. There is nothing wrong with colorful language, but no obscenities. Obviously, racial, gender preference, or ethnic stories which would ridicule or demean any group is outside the boundaries.

Can I write more than one article?

You may send me as many articles as you wish. However, I will only select one unless the second article is really, really good.

Can I suggest a friend contact you for his/her articles?

Absolutely. There is no limit on the articles I will consider or publish. We might make a second book if we have the material.

What if I have a question that you haven’t answered?

Feel free to contact me by email on the website or through my Facebook page. I will always return an email with 48 hours.

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